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Use Case: Backup and Query Clinical Database

Most working EHR / EMR / PHR software already have good ways of storing clinical information in terms of the requirements they satisfy for their specific types of users. Repositories might not be standard-based, might not help on interoperability, but are good enough for a specific context.

In that context, the EHRServer can help on providing the backup service for the main clinical database. Having a backup is a basic requirement of any system that is critical to support health care proecesses and manages sensible information. If there are many databases, the EHRServer can work as an integrator.

Since the EHRServer is not only a database, but a smart clinical data repository, when you start using it as backup, you will be able to create new services over it:

The EHRServer is the perfect companion for your existing applications, increasing the rebustness of your solution, and enabling innovation.