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Generic Vendor Neutral Clinical Data Repository

Define, store, query and manage any clinical document structure, in our openEHR compliant CDR with SNOMED CT expression support for data querying.

Unique querying capabilities

Data queries are created in seconds, without any programming or system downtime, and new queries are available instantly from the REST API, to integrate new data with your apps in minutes!

Powerful REST API

Manage EHRs, store and query data in a secure and standardized way, from any system or application, how and when you need to. Our API is fully documented and we have several test scripts and apps available for you!

Why EHRServer?

EHRServer solves a very specific challenge all clinical information systems have to tackle: to build a clinical data repository. Companies are creating custom repositories for every new project, adding fragmentation, weakening interoperability, lacking resources on a problem that is already solved in a generic and standard way.

Clinical data is complex, heterogeneous and highly hierarchic, making it very difficult to develop repositories that are:

  1. generic (can handle different types of data structures)
  2. maintainable in the long term at low cost
  3. performing, secure and scalable
  4. integrable into different kinds of apps and technologies
  5. based on open technologies and standards

It took CaboLabs years of research and development, trial and error, to create a good solution that complies with those basic requirements.

The goal of the EHRServer is to save time and money to companies that are building their EHR/EMR/PHR systems, and try to solve the same problem again and again, with custom solutions.

With EHRServer your company can start working on apps right away, focusing on the value and features you will offer to your customers, reducing time to market, and avoiding time-wasting tasks related to solving complex problems that are already solved.

Install your own self-managed instance or use EHRServer Cloud. Even if you want to develop your own CDR backend later on, using EHRServer will help you create an MVP and test your idea without investing on building a backend.

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