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Oops! The Beta Partner Program is currently closed, you can sign up to one of our SaaS plans!

Beta Partners Program

Join as a Beta Partner, become an expert, gain a competitive advantage, create awesome clinical apps, and grow with us.

Why join as a Beta Partner?

We want to empower a small group of companies to become experts on the use and management of the EHRServer. Collaborating with them during the initial phases of evaluating, testing and prototyping using our services.

To get the best out of the EHRServer, some openEHR knowledge is needed and it can take some time to understand the basics. Also to fully understand the EHRServer management, some insights about the internal design are helpful. During the Beta Partners Program we will transfer all that knowledge to you, in a fraction of the time that it can take to learn from the specs.

What do you get?

  • Access to the Beta Partners Events (demos, tutorials, Q&A sessions, etc)
  • Early access to new releases, documentation and other resources
  • Direct access to the core team (email, skype/hangouts)
  • Your company logo and profile on our Beta Partners page
  • Participation of feature request sessions
  • Product highlights on our site and social networks
  • Discounts on the CaboLabs courses and workshops


The Beta Partner fee will help us maintain and scale the infrastructure, and add new features to the product. This fee will be on the same price level of a small sized plan, but it will have no constraints at all in terms of the number of organizations, users and EHRs like plans will have. This allows you to use the service without worrying about limits and quotas, while we secure the next phases of the product. Consider this as a micro-investment in our product that is paid back in knowledge-transfer.

On the roadmap we have some big topics:

  • Create tools for testing and monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Automatic Backups
  • Export / Import data between EHRServers
  • Extend querying capabilities
  • Improve GUI and usability
  • Create new documentation, guides and other learning resources
  • Let us know what is important to you!