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Use Case: Research and Training

Who wouldn't agree that clinical data is fundamental for anything related to research and training? But data is hard to gather, accumulate, process, clean, integrate, aggregate and use. This process has many interoperability blockers, and the first one is custom and proprietary information models.

The EHRServer approach is the openEHR approach. First have a normalized, generic, complete, vendor-neutral, consistent, and semantically correct information model. Second to have a formal content management process based on definition and sharing of semantic clinical concepts that define and constraints data based on the information model. EHRServer simplifies the clinical data management on every step of the process, and allows to get specific data needed by your research or educational needs.

Use the EHRServer to gather clinical data

The EHRServer can be used to store any kind of clinical structure without changing source code or the database schema. You don't need to change your systems to do so, just build a small client program to copy your data into the EHRServer using the standard openEHR format. This can be done from many data sources, integrating all the data you need into one place. Then by creating data queries, using the visual EHRServer Query Builder, will allow you to retrieve your data sets based on certain conditions. Then that data can be used to create reports, calculate variables, indicators and do any kind of data analysis.

The openEHR clinical content management methodology is key to have consistent data to analyze in an efficient way, that means without weeks of data analysis to make sense of the data, start cleaning and organizing (preprocessing) before doing anything valuable with the data. With this methodlogy and the EHRServer, the preparation stage is minimal, allowing to put your effort on your research or educational goal.

For more about using the EHRServer, check the latest demo of the EHRServer.