Cloud EHRServer (beta) EN | ES

Get started

Currently we are only accepting sign-ups for the Beta Partners Program. Soon we will launch our service plans for general usage.

Enrollment process

To sign-up send a request to participate in the Beta Partners Program from here. After your request is approved, you'll need to confirm your account and start using the Cloud EHRServer.

Trying out Cloud EHRServer

We have two staging servers that we use for testing and demos, that are publicly accessible. You can create a test account directly on those servers. Consider that those are small servers, with that we mean that are really sloooow, and might not have the latest version of the EHRServer installed, but we try to keep them up to date. Also the service might not be available 100% of the time.

Usage and Management

In our Learn section you will find documentation and guides that will help you in the process of understanding how the EHRServer woks and how to get the most out of it.

Also check the latest demo of the EHRServer: